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FrSky Taranis QX7 18650 Conversion – Kit – Unprotected Cells

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The Innov83D 18650 Conversion is the perfect battery solution for the FrSky Taranis QX7.

This design is open and all files are available, including a Fusion360 link, STL, BOM and Instructions. The 3D Printed housings can be purchased through my store, as well as a kit with all parts needed for the conversion.


  • Can be used with Protected or Unprotected 18650 Cells
  • Batteries are easily removable
  • Onboard Charging
  • Charge port can also be used to power FPV Goggles


Protected/Unprotected Cells: 

18650 Lithium Ion batteries come in “protected” and “unprotected” cells. “Protected” means that there are little pieces of built-in circuitry that protect each battery from under voltage and over voltage. “Unprotected” cells lack those protection circuits and require a Charge Protection Board. See notes and installation instructions below for more details.


STL File: qx7 18650 conversion.1.4

Fusion360 File: http://a360.co/2zXwrqh

BOM / Full Kit Includes:


Installation Instructions:

  1. Drilling the hole for the DC Barrel Jack

    • Mark the hole for the DC Barrel Jack
    • Drill a pilot hole
    • Finish with a drill bit that is the same diameter as the threads on the barrel jack.
  2. Preparing the Keystone 18650 Battery Sled

    • Using flush cutters, remove the little plastic barbs on the bottom of the sled
    • Using larger cutters, remove the protruding pins or tabs from the battery contacts
    • With the Main Wiring Diagram as a reference for orientation, remove the right-side battery contacts, and solder a red wire to one contact, and a black wire to the other, and then reinsert the contacts into the sled in in their proper locations (see diagram)
    • Take a long piece of wire, and strip off enough insulation so that you can bridge the left side + and – battery contacts.
      • Note: Since you wont be using the middle wires on the JST-XH leads/extensions, you can sacrifice the middle wire for this step.
    • Insert the sled into the 3D printed housing, fold the wire back over itself, and then run it through the hole in the 3D printed housing
  3. Preparing the DC Barrel Jack

    • Note: Using the orientation of the jack in the picture above, the pinout is as follows:
      • Left pin is Positive (+)
      • Top pin is Negative (-)
      • Right pin is also a negative but we wont use it (it breaks connect connect when jack is unplugged)
    • Solder a red wire to the left pin (+), and a black wire to the top pin (-)
      • Note: Leave enough length on the leads for now
  4. Preparing the JST-XH

    • Note: The power connector on the QX7 is a JST-XH connector. I recommend (and include in my kit) a 2s balance plug extension which uses the same connector. You only need to use one connector from the extension (so cut the other one off), and you dont need the middle wire, only the outside wires which are the + and -, so you can cut the middle wire off as well.
  5. Preparing the Momentary Unlock Switch

    • Note: I sacrificed the top right momentary switch on my transmitter to use as the unlock switch, but momentary switch will do.
    • To use the momentary switch on the transmitter, simply locate the momentary switch wires, and remove the pins from the large connector going into the board
    • Extend the wires with leads that can reach the charge protection board
      • Note: I recommend (and include in my kit) putting a JST-XH connector here so that you can easily disconnect the switch when you need to take the transmitter apart. Otherwise, the 2 halfs of the transmitter will be teatherd
      • Use the other end of the JST-XH 2s Balance Cable Extension to solder to the charge protection board (see instructions below)
  6. Soldering the Charge Protection Board

    • Note: The pads layout for the Charge Protection Board is as follows:
      • B- is  Battery Negative
      • B+ is Battery Positive
      • P- is Power/Output/Charging Negative
      • P+ is Power/Output/Charging Poisitive
      • MB is the midpoint connect between batteries
    • Main Wiring Diagram

    • Note: Some Charge Protection Boards come with raised steel contact pads on top of the solder pads. These are used for welding to battery tabs for making packs. We wont use them, so first, remove the raised contact pads by heating them with the iron, and then quickly “flicking” them off of the board.
    • Tin all pads
    • Solder the right side battery contact leads to the B+ and B- pads
    • Solder the red wires from the DC Barrel Jack and the Transmitter Power JST-XH Pigtail to the P+ pad
    • Solder the black wires from the DC Barrel Jack, Transmitter Power JST-XH Pigtail, and the JST-XH Pigtail for the Momentary Unlock Switch to the P- pad
    • Solder the red wire from the JST-XH Pigtail for the Momentary Unlock Switch to the B- pad
    • Solder the long lead that bridges the left side battery contacts (the blue wire in the photos in step 2) to the BM Pad
    • Note: I do not have the Momentary Unlock Switch JST-XH Pigtail soldered in the picture
  7. Final Assembly

    • Push the entire assembly into the battery compartment and run the leads through the gap int he transmitter shell
    • Insert the lock washer onto the DC Barrel Jack, insert the threads of the jack through hole we drilled in transmitter housing, and then tighten the locking nut
    • Connect the JST-XH to the QX7 board
    • Connect the Momentary Unlock Switch JST-XH to its mate on the Charge Protection Board
    • Reassemble the rest of the transmitter
    • Note: You may have to leave the battery assembly partially out to reach the QX7 power connector and the Momentary Unlock Switch connector, and then push the assembly into place



Additional information


3D Printed Housing Only, Kit: Protected Cells, Kit: Unprotected Cells


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